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Wedding Photographer based in York

Choosing the perfect wedding photographer goes beyond simply finding someone to take great pictures

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It's about finding a storyteller who understands your vision and values, someone who can seamlessly blend into your day while capturing every precious moment with authenticity and artistry.

Hi, I’m Chris Milner, your dedicated storyteller capturing the magic of your wedding day. As a Wedding Photographer based in York, North Yorkshire, since 2010, I’ve ventured across the stunning landscapes of the North of England and beyond to document love stories like yours.

My approach to photography is natural and relaxed, focusing on candid storytelling images that reflect the genuine emotions and connections shared on your wedding day.

When you think of wedding photography, what comes to mind?

For me, it’s more than just capturing posed portraits or staged moments; it’s about preserving the raw, authentic emotions and genuine connections that unfold throughout your wedding day.

Picture this: 

The nervous anticipation as you slip into your wedding outfit,
The proud smiles of your family as they see you for the first time,
The heartfelt exchange of vows that bring tears to your eyes,
The spontaneous laughter shared with your closest friends on the dance floor.

These are the moments that make your wedding day truly unforgettable, and it's my privilege to document them with honesty and sincerity.  I absolutely love what I do - meeting new people and getting to share their wedding day with them is not only incredibly uplifting, but also a lot of fun too! 

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Every couple is as unique as their love story, and I tailor my approach to reflect your individuality. 

Whether you envision a candid documentary style, where I blend seamlessly into the background to capture the authentic moments of your day or you’re drawn to bold, cinematic portraits destined for a prominent spot above your fireplace, I’m here to make it happen. I’m more than happy to provide guidance throughout the day to ensure we capture those breathtaking shots you crave. My aim is to bring your vision to life in every frame.

What’s most important to me is creating an environment where you feel comfortable and at ease, so you can focus on each other and soak in the joy of becoming a newlywed couple.

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Wedding Photographer based in York

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